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Mini Popcorn Machines

In the last couple of years manufacturers such as Nostalgia Electrics and The Great Northern Popcorn Company have introduced hot oil mini poppers, usually equipped with a 2oz or 2.5oz kettle. These are stylish countertop popcorn poppers that yield about 1-2 quarts of popcorn per batch.

Little Bambino

There are also mini hot air poppers of course (though that's somewhat of a redundant statement) but as you might have noticed, I am focusing on hot oil poppers on these pages because I and my family much prefer the taste, smell and texture of corn popped that way. If you're interested in hot air poppers though, consumersearch.com has some good recommendations and slate.com did some popping and taste tests for air and stovetop models that are interesting and reliable I think.

But let's get back to the mini hot oil popper. My family is a bit too large to justify getting one of these but frankly I can't wait until my oldest girl goes to college so I can have an excuse to buy one...they seem perfect for dorm rooms, single people or older couples.


Both models produced by Nostalgia Electrics and The Great Northern Popcorn Company (RKP-630 Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker and the Little Bambino, respectively) are great looking, well made mini models with the same warranty lengths and basically just a few differences:

  • The Little Bambino has a removeable, dishwasher safe popcorn tray that catches corn, and the RKP-630 has a standard drop-down drawer.
  • The Little Bambino has a 2.5oz kettle compared to the RKP-630's 2oz kettle.
  • The Little Bambino seems to come standard with a few free popcorn portion packs designed just for this size popper.


Tips for Popcorn Machine Owners


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