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Popcorn Machine Diagram





  1. Operating Switches
    On premium models there may be three switches, typically: light, stirrer/pot heater and a warmer
  2. Kettle
    Look for good quality stainless steel kettles where you can for easy cleaning and durability
  3. Doors
    Larger machines usually have two doors for easy access to the kettle, cabinet cleaning and popcorn access as well
  4. Drop Shelf
    Should be stainless steel for easy cleaning and will open to allow for popcorn scooping
  5. Old Maid Drawer
    Kernel catcher will slide out and allow for the dumping of unpopped kernels which have fallen through the perforated floor
  6. Feet (on Bar Style Models)
    Should be non-slip for countertop models
  7. Sides
    Should be glass on premium models to keep in heat and for easy cleaning and durability

Though not marked, the model shown, as do most premium models, has a heated warming deck to help keep popcorn fresh and warm.



Tips for Popcorn Machine Owners


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