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Popcorn Machine Manufacturers

I was interested in buying a home popcorn machine for my entertainment room, so I searched over all the major and minor companies comparing prices and features. After way too many hours online and a pot and a half of coffee, I narrowed it down to three major popcorn machine companies: Paragon, Star Manufacturing, and Great Northern Popcorn.


I was looking to buy an antique style popcorn machine to give my entertainment room the flare it needs. The first company that I came across was Paragon Popcorn. Paragon popcorn machines are made with a high standard of quality and workmanship. That is a plus in my book. They have all the bells and whistles of premium machines. I’ve seen them in action in the theaters and they would certainly make a nice addition to my home movie room. As far as I could tell they are one of the top three quality popcorn machines on the market.

However the only thing holding me back from purchasing was the price. They tend to be on the pricey end of the spectrum. Should I spend my hard earned money on it? I didn’t know yet. Other machines that I looked at later also had similar features and were less expensive. So, attempting to be a mindful consumer in the midst of a poor economy, I felt I had to look at a few other leading companies before settling on my purchase.

Star Manufacturing

The next company that I looked at was Star Popcorn Machines. According to their website Star manufacturing is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and home popcorn machines. They produce a variety of kettle sizes including a home theatre size. I found their website hard to navigate but full of useful information. The only main setback was they did not list prices and that concerned me, leading me to believe they might be on the higher end like Paragon’s were.

When I am buying a product I like to know the price, whether it is one dollar or a thousand...I want to know the price up front. Putting that aside I found they had a variety of high quality products and popcorn machines. The specifications of each home popcorn machine seem up to par with Paragon Popcorn machines and Star offers a two year parts and labor warranty which is a nice bonus.

Great Northern Popcorn

The third major league popcorn machine company I looked into was Great Northern Popcorn Machines. They also offer premium quality home popcorn machines. Their website had helpful information and was easy to navigate and that was definitely a plus in my book. In addition they offered a three year warranty, which beats the two year offered by Star.

They also carried an antique style popcorn machine which is the model that I was looking for, in particular I knew I wanted an 8oz kettle and the option of buying a bar style (countertop) machine OR a machine with a cart for storage and easy transport. What I liked best was they made a high quality product for a fraction of the cost. Their prices were openly listed on the web site and that set my mind at ease. I was happy to see that Great Northern Popcorn had their prices and information right there for me look over.

After talking it over with my wife we both decided this was the company to buy from. She loves fresh popcorn and I love watching action movies and with this popcorn machine I think she will watch more of them with me. The next project is getting her to watch the game with me. I’ll need some luck with that one.



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