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The Benefits of Owning a Popcorn Machine

Better Tasting Popcorn and No More Burnt or Un-popped Kernels

The best tasting popcorn comes from freshly popped corn. Nothing compares to the smell of fresh popcorn. While microwave popcorn might be a convenient option for your popcorn needs, the horrifying amount of fat that comes with it does not appeal to me. Let’s not even mention the number of un-popped kernels left in the bottom of the bag or the extra salt and artificial flavorings. I can never figure out how to set my microwave to get the popcorn to turn out right. I always end up burning the popcorn in the bag or under popping the kernels, leaving me frustrated while trying to watch my movie.

Having your own popcorn machine transforms a natural kernel into a healthy and delicious snack. Fresh popcorn amuses a crowd of friends and family while recreating the nostalgia of the theatre experience. For a healthy and savory snack that turns out right every time, owning your own popcorn machine is the best way to go.

Great Family Fun

If you have kids of any age in the house, a popcorn machine provides them with a fresh and healthy snack. Popcorn machines are also perfect for when their friends come over to watch movies bringing the fun of the movie theater right into your living room. A popcorn popper is easy to use making it safe and fun for teenagers or anyone else to operate.


Having a popcorn machine is perfect for fundraising events. They are durable and easy to transport. I used my carnival style popcorn machine for my daughter’s softball team when the team was in need of a fundraiser. It was a great family bonding experience. Our whole family got together and set up our popcorn machine at the school and popped fresh corn to sell. The entire activity was centered around filling up bags of popcorn and raising money for her team. It was so much fun working with my daughter, her friends and the whole family, that day brought us so much closer together. It was an all around good time and yeah, the school eventually got their own...





Tips for Popcorn Machine Owners


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