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What to Avoid When Selecting a Popcorn Machine

Among all the other considerations that filter into your specific decision when it comes to selecting a popcorn machine should be some caveats...after all, for most of us, laying out a chunk of change deserves a bit of research and some helpful tips from those who've been down the same road.

Here then are the top four things to avoid when selecting a machine:

  • Poor Customer Service

    Nuff said. If you can't talk to someone about problems or potential problems with your machine you're at the mercy of a manual or the internet. Call BEFORE you buy...test the manufacturer.
  • Vague or Overpromised/Nonexistent Warranties

    A MAJOR consideration is the manufacturer's warranty. There are companies claiming to provide 5 year warranties on machines but you CANNOT CONTACT THEM...I know this from experience. A 5 year warranty from a company that is impossible to get hold of is obviously worthless...make sure you're dealing with a reputable company.

    Look for manufacturers that offer specific details of their warranty...for instance: "3 years on machine 30 days on kettle and lights".
  • Lack of Premium Features

    Nowadays, even in economy models, you should expect all glass sides, a heated warming deck and an old maid tray. Also, look for models with stainless steel kettles, as they are easy to clean and nearly indestructible.
  • Non-Metal Gears

    Make sure that the models you are considering feature all metal gears. These will significantly contribute the the longevity of your machine by holding up to longer use. They will retain their ability to mesh with the motor and turn the stirrer in the kettle, giving you years of hassle-free snacking!


Tips for Popcorn Machine Owners


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